McLean Orthopaedics, P.A.
Michael R. McLean, M.D.

Clinic History

Dr. McLean started his practice in Nacogdoches in 1982. He moved to the present location, 1300 Mound, in September of 1986. All types of orthopaedic patients were treated, but the emphasis was on injuries related to athletics. Coach Joe Richardson, now deceased, contacted coaches throughout East Texas about Dr. McLean's services, and before we knew it, we were traveling all over the state, following our East Texas teams.

In football, McLean Orthopaedics was there when Corrigan, Groveton and Crockett won state championships, and when Nacogdoches made it to the quarterfinals. Tenaha won state championships in both football and basketball, the Central Heights girls won state in basketball, and in 2004, San Augustine won state in football.

Innovation and Experience

Dr. McLean preformed the first anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction in East Texas. Continuing that pioneer tradition, he now repairs rotator cuff tears through the arthroscope, and replaces worn out knees using the latest mini-incision total knee replacement techniques.

ACL reconstructions are often preformed arthroscopically, using the patellar tendon. Patients go home after the surgery with a nerve block controlling the pain. Patients are walking with crutches, beginning the day of surgery, and usually walk without crutches in three to four days.

The new MIS total knee by Zimmer promotes even faster recovery. This procedure allows for less invasion of the soft tissue of the knee joint than with a conventional total knee procedure. Some patients are candidates for the Uni-Compartmental replacement, where only half of the knee is replaced. The very latest MIS knee operation is the Quad-Sparing total knee, which is the least invasive of all, and therefore the easiest to recover from.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder has finally made shoulder surgery comfortable for most people. Through tiny incisions, it is now possible, not only to repair the rotator cuff, but almost all shoulder problems that can be repaired surgically. Post-operative pain is controlled with a pain pump, allowing patients to go home comfortably after the surgery.

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